Strategic Communications: For nearly 15 years, JMR Strategic has been offering strategic guidance on policy, politics, public relations and media relations. Our work ranges from Fortune 500 companies to local school board races from large advocacy groups and trade associations to small non-profits and start-ups.

Campaigns & PAC Management: From local school board races to launching and building successful political action committees – JMR Strategic has been running campaigns and managing political action committees for over a decade.

Agenda Tracking: Companies in regulated industries and advocacy groups must understand what is happening on the local level in order to have effective government affairs operations. Through a combination of technology and real world vetting of local agendas, JMR Strategic can provide you and your team a weekly view into the world of local City Council, Board of Supervisors and Special Districts and Agencies delivered straight to your inbox.

Digital Strategy & Implementation: JMR Strategic has been the driving force in several innovative and engaging digital communications efforts: some very public and some (intentionally) less so. (One such project was acquired in 2013. Reach out and we can let you know more.)